The conference is devoted to computational aspects of dynamics and topology. The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Dynamics and Computation

  • classical numerical methods for ODEs and PDEs,
  • algorithms for rigorous numerics of dynamical systems and variational equations,
  • invariant sets/manifolds and KAM theory,
  • applications to physical problems including celestial mechanics,
  • numerical experiments in dynamics.

Dynamics and Topology

  • topological invariants of dynamical systems, Conley index,
  • combinatorial topological dynamics,
  • topological criteria for qualitative analysis of dynamical systems,
  • topological methods of dynamical systems as tools in developing numerical algorithms,
  • numerical algorithms for topological invariants of dynamical systems.

Topology and Computation

  • homology algorithms,
  • persistent homology,
  • data analysis by topological methods,
  • topological methods in computer science,
  • topological methods in shape analysis, imaging and computer vision,
  • statistical topology,
  • directed algebraic topology and concurrency,
  • combinatorial methods in applied algebraic topology,
  • topological aspects of computational algebra.


Previous Conferences

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DyToComp 2009
DyToComp 2012
DyToComp 2015
DyToComp 2018

Scientific committee

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Invited speakers

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June 19 - 25


Up to 100

Plenary Speakers


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The venue of the conference will be the Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo.
See gallery for more details.

Ośrodek Konferencyjny IM PAN
60-060 Będlewo
ul. Parkowa 2
Phone: +48-61-813-5187


First, you have to arrive at the Poznań Ławica Airport or at the main railway station in Poznań (Poznań Główny).

On arrival (June 19) and departure day (June 25) we intend to provide special buses running between the Poznań Ławica airport and railway station (in Poznań) and Będlewo.

If for some reason you'll have to come to Będlewo on your own, we recommend booking a taxi in advance through conference center in Będlewo (see below).

By air to Poznań

The airport nearest to Będlewo is Poznań Ławica Airport. It has daily connections from/to Warsaw and Frankfurt(M) served by LOT Polish Airlines, from/to Munich served by Lufthansa and from/to London Stansted served by Ryanair. Some other European destinations are available, but unfortunately not on weekends. This is the simplest and the best solution if only you can find a suitable connecting flight.

By air to Warsaw and by train to Poznań

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport has direct connections from/to most European destinations as well as New York City, Chicago and Toronto. You may change planes here and fly to Poznań or you can take a train from Warsaw to Poznań. The travel time by train is about 3 hours. From 6 AM to 7 PM there are trains from Warsaw to Poznań almost every hour. To do so take a taxi from the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport to the Central Warsaw railway station (Warszawa Centralna). The taxi fare is about 50 PLN (13 EUR) on Sundays and nights and half of that on weekdays. To avoid excessive taxi fares we recommend booking a taxi at the special desks of regular taxi companies that are in the exit hall (they speak English) or calling Radio Taxi 9191 from a payphone instead of taking a cab outside the airport building. There is also a city bus line No 175 to the Central railway station (tickets are available at the newspaper shops).

By air to Berlin and by train to Poznań

A third possibility is to fly to Berlin and take a train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Poznań. The travel time is about 3 hours.

By train to Poznań

For some participants it may be convenient to travel to Poznań by train only. For train connections we recommend consulting the online timetable of German Railways (DB) or Polish Railways (PKP).

From the Poznań to Będlewo by taxi

Probably the most convenient though not necessarily cheapest way is to take a taxi.
To avoid excessive taxi fares (even up to 400PLN) we recommend booking a taxi in advance through conference center in Będlewo. Please contact them by email ( providing flight details and mobile number. The cost is 120 PLN and the taxi can be shared by up to 3 people. Taxi driver will wait at the airport (close to cash exchange office) or at the railway station (close to ticket office no. 1) holding your name or "CONFERENCE BĘDLEWO" sign.

From Poznań to Będlewo by train

Buy a ticket for a local train from Poznań main railway station to Mosina. From the Mosina train station take a taxi to the Conference Center in Będlewo (approx. 9 km, the fare is 40-50 PLN).
If you wish to come to Będlewo by car, you have to enter the national route number 5 (European route number E261) Poznań - Wrocław. When coming from the north (Poznań), 6 km after Stęszew (31 km from Poznań) turn left to route 309 towards Mosina. The Będlewo conference center is about 3 km from the crossing at the end of Będlewo village on your left. When coming from the South (Wrocław), 6 km after Głuchowo (21 km from Kościan, 151 km from Wrocław) turn right to route 309 towards Mosina. Again, the Będlewo conference center is about 3 km from the crossing at the end of Będlewo village on your left.

Contact Persons

Prof. Piotr Zgliczyński
(general issues)
tel. (+48-12) 664 6667
Dr. Tomasz Kapela
(payment issues)
tel. (+48) 12 664 7540
Jagiellonian University
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
ul. Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Krakow, Poland